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Grad studies in BioSci - University of Calgary

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October 14th, 2008

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11:28 am - Grad studies in BioSci
Hi guys,

I'm seriously considering UCalgary for grad studies in the dept of Biological Sciences (specifically evolution/ecology). Anyone here a grad student or undergrad in this department? What do you think of it? How are the facilities? Do you have any major gripes/raves?

I'd be coming out from Vancouver. Because it's so damn expensive to live here, I've had to commute at least 1.5 hours each way to UBC. How's the housing situation in Calgary? As in, is it possible to find a pet-friendly 1br under $1000 near campus? I've been looking at craigslist, but I'd really appreciate some first hand opinions.

Also, any neighbourhoods to avoid?

Thanks! I appreciate your help!

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