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SPC Card for UofC students! - University of Calgary

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September 7th, 2008

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11:00 pm - SPC Card for UofC students!
Hey guys, just wanted to share a deal I got recently:  all UofC students can get an SPC card (student price card) which gives you discounts at a bunch of places like Bluenotes, Burger King, Second Cup, etc.

I thought it's a pretty good deal cause it's $8.50 and you get a free $10 gift card for Esprit, Guess, Jean Machine or Best Buy.  You can buy it online at http://www.spccard.ca/onlinestore.aspx?ref=$10shopcard , or you can buy it at one of the stores (check the site for the store list).

I hope this helps! For those that already have the card, share some of the deals you've gotten!
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